Thursday , September 29 2022

Judges Rubaiat of Asian pacific screen


As the first female producer of Bangladesh, as the award-winning Asia Pacific Screen Avards (Apsa), Rubiat Hossain, the famous mortgage producer, was called. He received a call from the Trial Chamber of the Department of Youth, Animation and Documentation.

Together with him, Luke Hetherington, Acting CEO of Lucas Film VFKS and Animation Studio Industrial Light and Magic Founder and Executive Director (Director) of the Documentary Australian Foundation Mizo Goldman, the Australian Chief Documentary Producer and Chief Justice of this department,

Appachahebster Michael Havkins said: "The International Tribunal for Applications has cultural diversity. We are proud to be called as judges of great film personalities."

Appasheet is considered to be the highest honor for the image of the Asia-Pacific region. Australian Brisbane will be announced on November 29th, winners will be announced. Now, at the main competition, 46 countries from 22 countries. In this section, as the president of the judges, Aleksandar Rodinikski of the Ukrainian producer "Leviophana", who won appash in 2014,

Production Ruiaat Hossain, the first movie of the film "Meherjan" His second film "Under construction" has already been praised and awarded outside of the country and abroad. Currently the producer is making his third film "Made in Bangladesh". The recent movie recording has a editing table. The film will be released in 2015.

Rikita Nandini Shimu, Dippanita Martin, Maiaabai Maia, Novara Rahman, Parvin Peru, Mustafa Monvar, Shatabdi Vadud, Joirai, Momen Chovdhuri, Vaheeda Mallick Jolli and Samina Lutf played different roles in this.

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