Sunday , April 2 2023

Kabaddi Zia Ideal Mashrafe


Ziaur Rahman plays in the Pro-Kabaddi League in India, India is currently playing in the Pro-Kabaddi League … Ziaur Rahman Mesud Karima First playing Bengal Warriors, Up Warriors Others They play with the reputation of their team Calcutta played for the Bengal warriors The center of attention is Bengal.

In an interview with the Indian "AnandaBazar", Zia spoke about many issues. However, in the meantime, one-day captain of Bangladesh Mashrafa Bin Mortaz turned, which is a great inspiration. Mashrafe is like his close friend and brother. Zia said: "Brother Mashrafe is a great man When we came to a national camp in Bangladesh, he came to meet us, this is the first conversation, he played chess with me on that day, so successful players, but one-sided is not arrogant. he mixed up with everyone, then he talked to him many times. "

He saw him before going to India, along with his Mashrafe. "When the pro-kabadi came to the game, he met Mashrafe Bhai at the airport in Dhaka. I congratulate myself on playing for the Bengali warriors, as far as Kolkata's dear council is concerned.

Bangladeshi Navy is very lucky to play at the Kolkata team: "First I know in May, I was taken by Bengali warriors, the heart was filled with joy." The first satisfaction is that people choose Bangla in a group, and there is a Bengal food. "

The first game of the Pro-Kabaddi Zee begins in 2016. He already wanted to play in the Kolkata team, "Mashrafe and Shakib Al Hasan played for Kolkata in IPL. In the first ISL in football, Mamunul Islam played for Kolkata team, so I wanted to play for the Pro Kabaddi League from Kolkata. Last year I got a chance to play well. "

Zia won the bronze at the Asian Games Club in Bangladesh in 2006. The story of this boy who came to Cabrera in Kurigram told the Indian media: "Before I played football, but after joining the navy, I brought myself to the cabin. Play here well, and this is the national game of Bangladesh .

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