Saturday , January 23 2021

Kangana was inserted into ‘Tan Weds Man’ without her recommendation, says Neetu

Actress Kangana Ranaut has been praised for her performance in ‘Tan Weds Man’. But in that film, actress Neetu Chandra was supposed to play the role of Kangana. The first offer arrived in Neet. That’s what the actress said. However, Neetu gave up within a few days of receiving a photo proposal. Kangana Ranaut acted in his place.

Actress Neetu Chandra recently claimed in front of the media that many such things have happened to her. It’s part of his struggle. Referring to actor R Madhavan, he said that Madhavan at the time suggested Kangan for the lead role in ‘Tanu Veds Manu’.

The actress said, ‘I’m talking about Madhavan. Madhavan himself said that Tanu Vades took another actress for Manu. But I suggest taking a Kangana picture. “After that, in an interview with Bollywood Hangam, Neetu said, ‘I was an actress with whom I signed the film earlier.’

The actress went on to say, ‘This is happening to me. I’ve been thrown out with six pictures like this before. No one would pick up my phone or call me. That’s right, that’s how I learned things. ‘

The actress said that fate is to blame for everything. According to Neetu, he did not come from a background from which he could raise his voice on his own. He later spoke with director Anand El Rai about another project. However, it failed. However, there is little grief over the missing “Tanu Vades Manu”. ‘Tanu Vades Manu Returns’ was another box office hit. The actress thinks Kangana is on the list of first-rate actresses for this film.

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