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Leave your father to ride a bus and kill the girl Countrivide


Kill the girl by moving her dad from the bus

Akbar Ali Mondal, who was injured in the disappearance of his father after his daughter was robbed by throwing her from a mobile bus in Ashulia, and police rescued on Friday night, the police learned about the incident. Later on, on the Ashulia Road, the girl was found on the street Zarine Khatun (45). However, the police could not find the accused bus. Police officials say they are trying to find a bus. It is known that the victim was a cancer patient. Carcinoma is underway.

Police station Ashulia SI Bijan Kumar Das said the body was recovered from the side of the Dhaka-Tangail road in the Moragang area around 11:30 pm on Friday night. She was identified as Zarina Khatun, wife Mohira Molle from the Khas Kovalia village under Chauhali police station in Sirajganj district. Zarina's father, Akbar Ali Mandal, said a few days ago, he and his daughter Zarina went to a women's house in the Ashir region of Gajir.

On Friday night, they went on a bus from Tangail, from the unique area of ​​Ashulia to return home to Sirajganj. There were several passengers on the bus. The bus went to different places and headed towards Ashulia. Asked about the reasons for this, they are confused with some assistant buses and supervisors. At one stage, bus drivers, associates and supervisors beat them and took away their mobile phones and money. As he yelled, the old Akbar Ali from the mobile bus was thrown near the Ashulia Bridge. From there, the police saved him in a wounded condition.

Later, when the police told the incident, they found the body around 12 o'clock on a motorway near the Moragong motorway, about a mile away. SI Bijan said that the killed women were wearing black burkas. Although there is no wound in the body, black spots are in the neck. It is believed that after the strangulation of the killers, he remained behind. The police could not identify the bus. According to SI Bijon, the complainant, Jamat Noor Islam, filed a complaint with the Ashulia police station against a bus driver, assistant, supervisor and unknown person. Police are looking for buses and related authorities.

Akbar's wife is but an elderly person and has no clear idea about it. He could not remember the name of the bus. It is believed that the passengers on the bus are all members of the criminal gang. Police investigate offenders who have organized this crime for that purpose.

Ashulia police officer (OC) Rezaul Hakue Dipu said: "We are trying to identify the bus. The murder case has been reported in this incident." The body of the dead was sent to an autopsy at the Dhaka Medical College.

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