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Mahmudullah & # 39; 5 minutes & # 39; he survived for Bangladesh!


Mahmoudullah Riyadh

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Team players went to the Al Nur mosque near the Oval Stadium of Hagli to earn Holy Zuma prayers after the end of the training. According to the preliminary schedule, the local time was supposed to be in the mosque at 13:30 pm, cricketers from Bangladesh.

But Mahmoudullah Riyad spent five or six minutes more at the official press conference one day before the match. And these five minutes have saved the whole team from Bangladesh. Because five minutes before the press conference could have been earlier, maybe in the mosque.

However, it took about 1 to 40 minutes to reach the mosque due to longer press conferences. Tamim, Mushfikik, Taizul, Mirajara survived this. Mushfik – Tamim's fast moving towards the mosque after he rushed out of the bus after it was deposited more than anticipated time. A woman who was injured in a car was stuck on a bus by the bus. He forbids Mushfik-Tamim to continue.

The woman said that a terrorist attack was carried out in the mosque and that many people were surrounded by bullets. In such bad news, the cricketers first took their own bus for the team, but did not see any security personnel or the local population in New Zealand.

They all returned from the bus through the Hagley Park in an intellectual park. Players of Bangladesh survive.

After spending some time in the locker room of the stadium, they all went to a hotel hotel. There was a team coaching staff there.

With the description of such a terrible event, Tamim Ikbal has already written in his Twitter account: "The whole team escaped from the shooting. A very terrible experience, everyone will pray for us.

Mushfikur Rahim, one of the most reliable supporters of the Bangladeshi, said in his tweet, "Alhamdulillah!" God saved us from the events in Christchurch's attack. We are much happier. I never want to face such an incident. Pray for us.

Such cowards have no religion or nation: Azhar Ali

Former captain of the national cricket team in Pakistan Azhar Ali has issued a sharp condemnation and protests in the New Zealand mosque.

In a tweet message, he said that the bleeding in my heart was after those attacks in the family whose family members were killed. Players and intellectuals are also attacked here. Still, I feel relieved when I hear that the team of Bangladesh is safe. Such cowards have no religion or nation.

The New Zealand national cricketer survived a deadly attack in the Christchurch mosque in New Zealand. The Bangladeshi cricketers should get the perfect zoom in that mosque. Having heard the loud noise of bullets in the mosque, cricketing players who are out of the box quickly leave and leave.

After the attack on the New Zealand mosque in Christchurch, Bangladeshi cricketers must safely walk through the park. During that time, the policeman was not seen in their safety.

In the serial killings of the mosque, 49 people were killed. There is a storm of condemnation and protests all over the world in a terrible attack.

Through social media, cricketers from different countries are protesting in many ways.

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