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Ariful could not

The team was looking for Ariful Hakue's fast drive. But he quickly got out.

Arif played a move to remove the spinner Leona Rune Shaun Villiams. Not in the butterfly String in the field, the ball penetrated through Ariful's back.

Ariful returned to 5 races. Bangladesh leads 6 tickets 151 Two innings in 369 leading.

Mithun is back to flight

Mohamed Mithun made the decision to speed up the run Mithun was hit by Sikandara Raja for a huge number six after the first break after drinking water The next time, trying to do the same, the ball rose to the sky. Kipper Regis Chakva caught the catch

Having scored the first innings in the first innings of the debut test, Mithun scored 67 points in the second inning in the second inning. And 110-ball innings four, six six.

The pair added 118 games in the match to Mithuna. Bangladesh has reached 5 for 143 lead 361 runs

After 10 injections of Mahmudullah's Fifti

The first innings is abandoned, but the scope of the opportunity. In the second, Mahmudullah stood on the side of the team. Fifty picked up a responsible whistle After playing 10 innings innings, fifty innings innings.

Mushfikur Rahim was the first to break the first hour after the break, and Mahmudullah came to the crowd after self-confidence. Captain, who reached 70, two and fifty,

Bangladesh scored 134/4 at the end of 38 breaks. Mahmudullah 52 and Mohammad Mithun 59 goals. Bangladesh continued with 352 races

Mithun-Mahmudullah a couple of hundred runs

Mohammed Mithun and Mahmudullah are in the middle of Bangladesh's lead. Batsman of the Middle Ages made two half centuries in his fifth career for his fifth career.

Mithun-Mahmudullah goes forward in one rhythm One of the 71 balls hit a hundred in 140, and the ball hit 140 balls. The contribution of two persons in pairs is equal to – 47.

Abhishek Mithunov fifty

In the first innings, Mohammad Mithun was fired in a knockout knockout in the first innings and took charge of the batting in the second innings.

When the middle order is in the right hand, Bangladesh loses two openings. After going to the ridge, after seeing the departure of two players of the first innings, Mominul Hakue and Mushfikur Rahim left. Mithun did not try to remove pressure after playing an aggressive bullet. Batming with the game's time, Mahmoudullah has added half a century to the pair.

Mithun touched fifty-four in 91 balls. Bangladesh at the end of the 33rd premiere, 109/4. Mithun 52 and Mahmudullah 34 batting. Bangladesh is progressing with 327 races.

At the first session, Bangladesh made 4 tickets

The failure of the batsmen to face Zimbabwe at the first session was not successful. Imrul Kaies, Liton Das, Mominul Hakue and Mushfikur Rahim returned before touching two figures.

Hosts result on lunch at 78/4 Mohamed Mithun 34 and Mahmudullah 24 batting. In the first innings Bangladesh led 218 runs for 296 races.

In two hours of the first session, the battling of Bangladesh was two types. Batsman with the highest increase lost in the first half to add 25 races to 12 breaks. In the second hour, losing the team lost Mushfikur Rahim to 53 at the 13th break.

Liton was just out of the good. The rest of the three batsmen were suicidal. Mithun, who dropped the first innings in the first innings, and Mahmoudullah, who played in the Tim, is uncomfortable. Pacer is warned by the spiner, who are impressed by the pressure of the spiner.

Zimbabwe played in the field Lastly, 5/6 players were always on the border. Hamilton Masakadza was a pacer at one end. Two pirates of Kile Jarvis and Donald Trishon took two vikets.

Mithun-Mahmudullah is about fifty

Bangladesh quickly lost four tickets, Mohammad Mithun and Mahmudullah fell. Fifth career career for the fifth career with two right middle-handed handball players.

Kile Jarvis took an additional cover with the border and took a couple of fifty for the 73 races Mahmudullah. Bangladesh has progressed 293 times in the match.

Mushfik is also a suicide

Mushfikur Rahim left the match a few times. The hero of the first injection took the last ball.

It was the first ball after drinking water. Donald Trishon with a short ball outside the climb. Mushfik did not try to keep the pool, the ball held on the ground. Brandon Mavuata caught in a square foot

Bangladesh scored 5 for 4 wickets Bangladesh scored 243 races

Mominulo quickly returned

Muminul Hak did not last long. Centurion's first innings could not go to two figures, like two opener.

Donald was out of the sand and there was no need to play more than the ball. Mominul could not play enough to throw the ball out of the body. Return to Captain Regis Chakabah with a simple catch.

Mominul scored 5 races in 1 run. Bangladesh lost its third career in 11 runs Mushfikur Rahim, who in the first innings of his girlfriend Mohammed Mithun scored an uninvested double century,

Bold Liton in the best delivery

Kille Jarvis returned two openings in three balls. Liton Das refused to leave the field after injuring his achilles tendon of the ball.

Right hand, this opener could not play the middle ball. With a little swing, he pulled out his pistol and dropped the bell. Liton returned with 6 races of 14 balls. Bangladesh loses its second career for 10 races

Imrul returns to the beginning

Imrul Kaies, one of the best ODI players in the series, failed in the Test series. In four innings, he returned to the third house in a numerical room.

The left sleeve wanted to fly with a short ball in front of Kile Jarvis. There could not have been time caught in the background in the hands of Brendan Maavu. Imrul returned to 12 races in 12 balls.

Bangladesh loses its first 9-race career Liton Das, the first innings centurion in the first innings of inning, Muminul Hakue

Bangladesh did not continue

Bangladesh won a great lead in the first innings of 218 races followed by Zimbabwe. In the second inning, the Mahmudullah team struck in the second inning to get a big target.

The fourth day of the match at Sher-E-Bangle National Cricket in Mirpur, at 9:30 in the morning. Shortly thereafter, the hosts decided not to follow.

After the match of the third day, Teijul Islam, who became the representative of Bangladesh, was tactful in relation to the teaching question. He said, beatings should go well, if we want to win, we have to do well.

Zimbabwe's Brendan Taylor said he would send the opposition to hit on the sequel. But Mahmudullah did not pass this way.

Short-term end of the third day:

Bangladesh 1. innings: 522/7 decile.

Zimbabwe 1st Injection: 25/1 in 105.3 Premieres (Four 53, Triton 8, Tailor 110, Villiams 11, Raja 0, Moore 83, Chakabo 10, Mavuta 0, Jarvis 8 *, Chattara injured, missing; Mustafiz 21-8- 58-0, Khaled 18-7-48-0, Taijul 40.3-10-107-5, Miraj 20-3-61-3, Mahmudullah 2-0-14-0, Ariful 4- 2-

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