Thursday , August 11 2022

Mashrafe said what happened in the terrorist attack in Christchurch


Mashrafe Bin Mortaza

Mashrafe Bin Mortaza Photo collected

Christopher Moskue in New Zealand has reached 49 dead people. There are two Bangladeshi Bangladeshi cricketers went to read Friday's prayer in the mosque.

A month ago, when Bangladesh team went to Christchurch to play in the second ODI of the series, on February 15, Mashrafe-Tamimara performed in the mosque before training.

Mashrafe Bin Mortaza is the favorite face of all in cricket. ODI team of Bangladesh played under his leadership. Upon completion of the series, he returned to the country. Test team members remain.

Tamim, Mushfikik and Mirajera, fortunately, have been saved in a terrorist attack in New Zealand. Screams wanted to read the mosque in the mosque. Terrorists continued firing at the mosque as rain. Then they learned to leave the mosque with bloody bodies. Then an unknown woman came and warned Tamim that the shooting inside the mosque was dangerous, the entry is dangerous.

Captain of Bangladesh ODI Mashrafa Bin Mortaz is concerned about the terrorist attack in New Zealand.

Mashrafe expressed his consolation when he knew that the cricketers were safe. The social media wrote Mashrafe in the status of Facebook and strongly condemned the terrorist attack on New Zealand. In addition, players want to return safely to the ground.

In a Facebook status, Mashrafe writes that many people, including two Bangladeshi men, were killed in a terrorist attack in the Cristoch, al-Nur mosque in New Zealand. We strongly condemn terrorist attacks.

After listening to the incident, we were very concerned about our cricketers. Hopefully, our cricketers will surely return home.

During Friday's prayer in two mosques in Christchurch, 49 people were killed in a terrible terrorist attack. At least 40 people were injured in the attack. News from international media Breitburst has been published. New Zealand Prime Minister Jasinda Redan described the attack as the coldest day for New Zealand.

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