Thursday , February 9 2023

Messi is here today! … – 700339 Kaler Kantho


Lionel Messi has broken his hand against Seve before fifteen At least until next week, he is out of court. That's what I joined against Inter today! An Argentine star sitting in the country with a momentum in El Clasico returned five days to practice. Tomorrow, when he was on a plane in Milan, the team's medical team did not issue a license to play. However, it seems Messi will be able to get it before going on the pitch today.

In the Champions League match against Interfax, it may be replaced, if it does not come to an end, and then wait for a Sunday match against Real Betis in La Liga. Indeed, Messi is not very quick to return to the team at this time. On October 21, when he left the field three weeks after he had the pain against Sevi, the cloud of clouds was blurred on the Catalan sky. Heavy one week was ahead. El Clasico, the match after the match against Inter in the home field of the Champions League. At the time, Barca was hard to accept the serious injury of the best player of the team. But in the end it is unreasonable to have all the fears. Interak is lost in the field of play, then, in the class, Barca, without Messi, sucks the opponent. So far, Neel-Maroon has played four league matches, a Champions League and a championship. Beat four. Rafinha entered Arnesto Valveer in an empty spot of Messi, the middle of the field was very active, with Cerero Buschtz, Artom Mello and Ivan Rakitic. In the left wing, Ugli Alba is one of the best times in his career. In the absence of Messi, fans who have more confidence in Luis Suarez play. There is no doubt that the star of the hottieja in El Klasico will be burned again if Messi appears again today. "If Messi is with him, then the whole team will be better, Suarez." After leaving Neymar from Barcelona, ​​54 percent of Catalans have scored so far. The tour is one regular. Messi now took the place of Dani Alves as Suiares, Messi, while his 27 assists. Messi's Asist is another 28th

Today, if you win against Inter Drava, you make sure that the night stage will win, if you win, then the team will certainly be the best. Inter 3 is the second place with fewer points. Possibility to be too strong However, today's internal line will give the third position to Tottenham Hotspur. To get in touch with this wealth, the English club will now have to win their match against PSV Eindhoven. The match will be played at Vemblai. Today's match against Barlussia Dortmund from Atletico Madrid. After assuming responsibility at the Diego Simeone club, the biggest shame in the past seven years was the disgrace of the past. Can a club club add this irritation? Real Madrid has been going through a certain period of time, as there is no debate about the bad shape of city rivals lately. But Dortmund presented him in the previous game. Atletico will look for headlines today. AFP

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