Monday , March 8 2021

Messi ‘s record match in Bar ার a disappointed | 1007349 | The voice of tomorrow

The record in most La Liga matches in the history of Barcelona is now held by the Argentine star Lionel Messi. He also scored a goal in such a match. But the Catalan club could not win the match at home.

Barcelona drew 1-1 with Cadiz at the Nou Camp on Sunday.

Messi scored in the 32nd minute to bring the team to the lead in the 506th match of La Liga. Holding that lead, the team dreamed of winning supporters. But at the last moment, Cadiz equalized the match from a shot. Alex Fernandez scored the goal.

The bar stopped and stopped after winning seven matches in a row in La Liga. The defeat of Atletico Madrid, which was at the top the day before, gave Real Madrid and Barcelona a chance to reduce the gap. Real took the opportunity to lose to Vjadalik. Barca did not get full points, so the gap did not decrease too much. Ronald Coeman’s team is now in fear of losing third place.

The team will move from fourth to third place if Sevilla beat Osasuna on Monday. Barca will have to come down. Barcelona has 48 points in 48 matches. Sevilla played less than 45 points in one match. Atletico Madrid is at the top with 55 points in 23 matches. Real Madrid is in second place with 52 points after playing more than one match.

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