Saturday , April 1 2023

Raima Sen is searching for the All-powerful God


Poster "Reunion", directed by Parambratt Chatterjee and Raima Sen. Photo: Ebella

Parambrata Chattopadhiai is suddenly lost. Other friends, including Raima, find it. After a long time, Raima Sen and Parabrahat Chattopadhiai will watch the audience together with the new director Mururimohan Rakshit "Reunion".

Recently, a poster "Reunion" was published in the "museum" at the shopping center in Kolkata. Presented by film hero Raima Sen, Samdarshi Dutta, Sourav Dasa and photo director Murari Mohan Rakhath. Photo capture has already been published. Soon this movie will be announced in the theater. This picture reminds me of the life of college.

In this film there will be many events in the eighteenth and nineties. The picture will show various aspects of college, friendship, and relationships that open a new direction in "Reunion." Joi Sarker took the music of the photo. As Nachiketa sang in the film, she will also see the acting. The new idea of ​​the new director is to see how much magic can show boxing.

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