Wednesday , May 25 2022

Sabbiraka Mashrafe loves a lot!


Mashrafe Bin Mortaz and Sabbir Rahman. Prothom-alo image file

The ban on international cricket is not over, the performances of domestic cricket are nothing but awe. Nevertheless, Sabir returned to ODI detachment in Bangladesh. The head coach directly said Sabbir came into the team like Mashrafe

Sabbir Rahman's restriction was cut for a month, nobody could get it! Two days before the release of the tour in New Zealand, it is understood by various whistles that Sabbir returns to the national team. In the last six months of the ban in international cricket, Sabbir has played 21 innings in four-day matches, and twenty home-cricket matches can not touch three figures. Fifteen three

Chief selector Minhajul Abedin initially said: "The idea of ​​reducing the Sabbath extermination," we knew it before the team. Disciplinary commission is important. It will be available from January 31 (International Cricket). You were not told that his sentence was reduced in a month. We took it into account.

The Sabbath ban will last until the end of February. How did he come to an endless party? Outside of international cricket, there are no performances in domestic cricket, no performances, it is repeatedly discussed, problems are its discipline. But why did Sabbir have a chance against New Zealand in a one-day detachment? Today the chief selector has heard these questions many times. Minhazul got angry at one moment, "Why is the question with the player repeated?"

Anyone whose involvement is not normal will be re-examined. Minhazul told the true truth that Sabbir had accepted the request of one-day captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaze, "Sabbir made it clear … that is entirely our captain's choice. He strongly urged us to take him. And we both agreed on that. He wants someone who can handle quick spades in a lower middle order. He took the plan of the World Cup To see, the captain is safe enough in him. We hope that he will return.

Charm Mashrafe is not a novelty to Sabbir. Sabbies & # 39; Impact & # 39; player in captain's eye After the Rangpur-Khulna match yesterday, the ODI captain in Bangladesh praised Shabbir. In this BPL, Sabbir played great shifts (85) against Mashrafe Rangpur. This may have made the captain more secure in his team. But how good it is to judge a batsman with an inning? Mashrafe is on the way to return to the dressing room at a press conference on this issue: "If you think of the World Cup, how will you find a batsman who can take the ears against the big ball of the opponent's opponent using a narrow passage?" I looked at many people. I found a very good result?

This time, the Sabbath can use how much it will use. However, the concern is that the BCB did not feel the need to inform Sabbir of the ban that was suddenly rejected, even though important or irrelevant important decisions or decisions were made. Of course, the media must present all the news about it, it's not. But BCB did not give a negative message by reducing Sabbira's limitations, the crime does not have to be punished!

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