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Chief Electoral Commissioner KM Nurul Huda announced the results of the 11th parliamentary elections
Have done

Tventifour.com Noakhali The representative said,

Welcoming the announcement, the Avami League launched a procession in Noakhali.

The evening
Immediately after the announcement of the election schedule of the chief commissioner, Avami in the district Maizdi
Activists of the League and BCL brought the procession. They are different for the ship's symbols

Around that
Starting from the Avami League district office, the procession performed the main city road.

In the meantime,
RAB members in the city retain the law and order normalized during the schedule of the call
This is seen at the trial.

The representative said,

District declared a rally in Nilfamari for publication
Avami League

The evening
After the speech of the main commissioner for the elections for the nation, the eleventh parliamentary election schedule

Devan County President of the Avami District, from the Chovringhee Avami League office, is in the same position
The process of joy under the leadership of Kamal Ahmed came out and turned the city.

In addition to the Avami League, Volunteer League, BCL,
Jubo League, Krishak League, Sramik League, Jubo Mohila League and many other leaders of the organization. Later in the camp for the memorial of independence in Chovrang
They organized a rally.

The representative said the Anand procession came out of Jamalpur and welcomed the schedule.

The FBCCI director from the Avami League district hoped for the seat of the Avami League nomination (Sadar)
Rezaul Rezaul Rezvan's fugitives fled shortly after the announcement of the election schedule.

The rally came out of the county office of the Avami League and again moved the city to Tamltal
Completed At that time they voted on the symbol of the ship to continue the development trend.

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