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Student's student in Dhaka University


The police say

November 15, 088, 08:30 | Last Updated: November 15, 088, 08:34

Police said Laila Anjuman Eva, 25, committed suicide hanging in the main part of Azimpur. Eva was the fourth year student of the Department of Nutrition at the University of Dhaka.

The incident occurred around 22 hours on Wednesday. The doctor pronounced him dead about 12 o'clock when he was brought to the hospital hospital in Dhaka while he was found dead.

Inspector of the Lalbagh police station (research) Khandakar Helal Uddin said that he was hired by another Eve student on the ground floor of the house in the Shaykh Shah Bazaar Azimpur Bazaar. At night, Eve broke the door with the door with the house window grill. Later he saved him from the hospital and drove him to the hospital.

The inspector said: "The cause of suicides is still unknown, but it is believed that there may be holes. We are trying to contact the family of the deceased, and then the details will be given.

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