Friday , August 19 2022

Tamim-Mirajara survived the woman's well-being – Miscellaneous


At least 49 people, including two Bangladeshis, were killed in an attack by an unknown assailant in a mosque in central Christchurch, the Eves al Nur mosque. However, members of the cricket team in Bangladesh survived for a while. On Friday, he will pray in the Tamim Ikbal Mosque, Mehdi Hasan Miraj, Taizul Islamer.

Just before coming to the mosque, a woman came and warned Tamim that shooting inside the mosque would not be now. The Bangladeshi journalists who were there, said such information.

He heard a woman's warning and rushed into the team bus and went to the under-Bangladeshi team and floored. Tamim-Mirajhara got out of the bus and left the bus to the Hagley Park at the Christchurch Oval Hagley Stadium in the locker room.

The Bangladeshi cricketers are closed there for now. But the team coaching staff and two young members of Liton Kumar Das and Naeem Hassan are at the team hotel. Team team manager Khaled Masud Pilot told them to stay there. He contacted all BCB officials in the country.

In the meantime, it is estimated that at least 20-30 local civilians were injured in the attack. So far, 27 people confirmed the death of local media. They state that the number of deaths will probably increase. It is believed that these attacks are planned in more than one place together.

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