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The ball is now at the premier court: Selim after the dialogue –


With the prime minister in Ganabhaban on Tuesday
In the dialogue, this left coalition raises eight demands; This includes the violation of the parliament, the election time
Forming a neutral government, reconstructing the EC without using EVM, a case of political harassment
Withdrawal, etc.

About two and a half hours left at the end of the debate
CPB President Salim said: "The ball is now in the premier court. Decide that he is considering
Take, depending on how there will be elections. "

The left alliance if this request is not filled
Morcheese leaders have not clarified whether they will go to the polls.

CPB boycott of the ten parliamentary elections
President Salim said, awaiting the Prime Minister's decision.

"We are ready to compete,
In addition, I am ready to boycott if the situation is not favorable. "

At the end of the dialogue, left front leaders confronted journalists

At the end of the dialogue, left front leaders confronted journalists

Left Federal Coordinator and Revolutionary
Workers' Party leader Saiful Hakue told reporters: "We want to choose,
If the government wants it, they will fulfill them. "

He said: "Our requests were written in writing
We were notified. I hope that the government will take effective action ".

In the interest of persuading people and people, these are things that are in the interest of people
If the Constitution changes to meet the demand, then the ruling party will expect the initiative
Saiful Hakue

Similar claims by Kamal Hossain
National united fronts also lead a dialogue But the ruling ruling, including Sheikh Hasina, is also in power
League leaders Avami leagues say they will not exit the Constitution in any way.

After a dialogue with the left alliance, Avami
Secretary General of the League, Obaidul Quader, said: "We have a lot of opinions in our opinion
I agree, there are discrepancies.

"Our leader listened to them all.
Our leader also thanked for the separation. "

Secretary General of the Avama League, Obaidul Kuader, faced a dialogue with journalists

Secretary General of the Avama League, Obaidul Kuader, faced a dialogue with journalists

After the dialogue to Wednesday
President of the Prime Minister and President of the Avama League, Sheikh Hasina, said on Thursday the results of the discussion
Cuader said the press conference will be held.

About the elections
At the initiative of Kamal Hossain in disagreement with the BNP, the national front of unity
In response to the call, Sheikh Hasina calls her dialogue. Then other political parties
He called for a dialogue.

CPB-BSD on Tuesday
In the dialogue, if the left front is headed Bankuet of the official house of the Prime Minister Ganobhaban
Participated. Leaders of the 14-party alliance led by President of the Avama League, Sheikh Hasin, led the dialogue
He was part. On the other hand, there were 16 leaders of the left front.

Those who remained in the alliance were CPB
President Mujahidul Islam Selim, Secretary General Shah Alam, Secretary General Basa
Khalekuzzaman, member of the Central Committee of Bazlur Rasheed Firoz, revolutionary workers
Saiful Hakue, Secretary General of the Party, Member of the Politburo Akbar Khan, Basad
(Marxist) member of the Central Governing Board Suvranshu Chakraborti and Alamgir Hossain
Dulal, the main coordinator of the Ganasonghati movement, Jonade Sakki, a member of the political council
Firoz Ahmed, Secretary General of the United Communist Party Mosharraf Hossain Nannu,
Abdus Sattar, Secretary General of the Democratic Revolutionary Party, Mosheref Mishu,
Mominur Rahman, a member of the Central Committee, is a great adviser to the Socialist Movement
Hamidul Hakue and member of the Central Committee Ranjeet Kumar

Leaders of the left alliance in the dialogue in Ganobhaban

Leaders of the left alliance in the dialogue in Ganobhaban

Dialogue in the left-wing alliance's speech is in the dialogue
Thanks to the prime minister for initiating the initiative, it is said that the voting rights of people are
The Avama League, which fights, can not guarantee free voting rights today.

"We consider decades of people in decades
The party that leads to the liberation war, which appears through democratic battles, leads the liberation leadership
This is a big political defeat in the Avami League. "

The left front said: "In this situation, the next parliamentary elections
There is still deep concern and fear among people in the country.

Can I go to a polling station, can I safely apply my franchise,
Will their votes be properly counted, again violent in elections before and after
There are many questions in people, whether they will face the situation or not. "

Effectively and
An adequate parliamentary system and full democratic culture are still in Bangladesh
It was not argued that the formation of an electoral-neutral observer government was in place of the party government
The proposal left the alliance.

"It's past
From experience, we can say active political parties and democratic elections
During conversations with the interested community, elections are neutral in elections
It is possible to form a supervisory government. The constitutional amendment also requires the Constitution to change the Constitution
They also exist.

As it remains in place and you have more than a two-thirds majority in parliament,
If there is a political decision, you can make the necessary amendments "
The left front told the prime minister.

8 points left wing

>> Before the announcement of the election schedule, present
The government resigns from all sides and the opinions of other people in society
Electoral time will be formed in neutral government oversight.

>> Before the election schedule is announced, the current parliament will be dissolved.

>> People's confidence will be restructured into an election commission.

>> Introduction of a system of statistical representation, money games, muscle strength,
Communalism, the entire election system that exists in administrative activities
To reform.

>> To stop the launch of controversial EVM in the next parliamentary elections
Will be

>> The reasons for sabotage and chaos for political harassment are presented
Cases submitted throughout the country must be withdrawn. That's in these cases
Mass harassment and arrest should immediately be stopped. According to Article 57
Withdrawal of the case and the release of the arrested persons will be released immediately.

>> Before the election, the recovery of weapons, the abolition of drugs and militant terrorists
In the name of arrest, harassment and arrest of political leaders and workers will be stopped.

>> Independent citizens' views, protection of personal privacy, free and investigative
Against Journalism "The Law on Digital Security" and downloading broadcasting rules
And the unconstitutional section will be canceled.

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