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The Bangladeshi soccer team does not get the opposition, but the camp is held


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Bangladesh does not play international friendly matches, as opponents can not get it

After losing in Bhutan in 2016, Bangladesh went in the winter in the winter. After 18 months, he returned with a friendly match against Laos. After the break, the Asian Games, the Clear Football Championship and the end of the Bangabandhu Gold Cup. The game was Bangladesh National Football Team. But Jamal Bhuijad will not play international matches soon. Because the opponent could not be found despite the fact.

Bangladesh coach Jamie Derri wants to play regular friendly friendly matches. To this end, BFF wanted to organize three series in Dhaka in the planned FIFA window (November 12-20) with Bhutan and Sri Lanka in Dhaka. But this was not possible in the Bhutanese helplessness. After that, BFF offered Sri Lanka to play friendly matches in Dhaka. Lansis also warned of political unrest. According to the Federal Football Federation's announcement, the group will not play in the international game until March next month.

Team was not found for friendly match. Thus, BFF organized a camp for the youth team in the Federation Cup. Coach Jamie Dai made a short camp for 5 days of football in front of the AFC U-23 championship. The coach has selected 24 players for this. After reporting the players on Sunday night, training will be started at Bangabandhu Stadium on Monday morning. By November 15th.

Bangladesh Has Qualification Group B In the selection process that will take place from March 22 to 26, next year, Bangladesh and hosts of Bahrain, except Sri Lanka and Palestine, Bangladesh will face Bahrain in the first match on March 22. March 24, Palestine and March 26 will face Lal Sabhar in Sri Lanka.

44 countries played in 47 countries in the qualification category. Participation in 11 groups will be the best four with each champion of the group in the final, which will be held in Thailand in 2020. As a visiting host, Thailand will play in the final. Participate in the selection as well. If Thailand qualifies for qualifications, then instead of four, the top five will be in the final stage with the first group 11 champion.

The soccer player is invited to the camp

Goalkeepers: Mohamed Naim, Pappu Hossain, Mahfuz Hasan Pritam, Anisur Rahman Jiku.

Defense: Tutul Hossain Badsha, Monir Hossain, Bishvanath Ghosh, Rahmat Miah, Iasin Arafat, Riiadul Hasan, Rabiul Hasan, Sushant Tripura.

Midfielder: Bipulu Ahmed, Md. Al Amin, Arifur Rahman, Masud Uddin Ahmed Chovdhuri, Jasim Uddin Sujon, Masuk Mia Joni, Sohanur Rahman.

Next: Zafar Ikbal, Md. Independent, Matin Miah, Mahbubur Rahman Suifil and MD. Ibrahim

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