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The doctor's wife, Mito, was arrested

Читагонг: Police arrested Mostafa Morsheda Akasha Tanjilla Huk Chovdhuri Mitu on Facebook for the status of his wife.

He was arrested on Thursday (January 31st) at around 11:30 pm in Nandankan.

The Commander of the Metropolitan Police in Citigonga (CMP) confirmed the issue to the bangla. Mahbubur Rahman.

Information from the CMP Public Relations Service will be published on Friday (February 1st) at 11:00 am via a press conference.

Earlier, on Thursday morning, at the residence of the residence Chandgaon, Dr. Mostafa Akash

Before suicide, Mostafa Akash shared her Facebook page with offensive pictures and screenshots of various people, "Be good with your lover."

** He hurt himself with his wife, doctoral suicide

Bangladesh Time: 0055 Hours, February 01, 019

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