Tuesday , March 28 2023

The Most Expensive MbaPai – Share Biz


Sport Desk: Neymar is still the most expensive footballer at the contract price. But the most expensive player in the world at a market price, at this time, Kilian Embaap This is known from the latest study by the International Center for Sports Studies (CIES).
CIES calculated the current market price of a player based on goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, forward position. From here is the most expensive in the advanced category, with all the positions currently the most expensive Mbappe player.
The results of CISES research say that the current market value of Emba is 216.5 million euros. In other news, the current market price of Neimar is EUR 197 million. Harry Kane, English ahead of Tottenham, just over 197.3 million euros.
The freight forwarding at the market price of four are Mohammad Salah His 173 market value is one million euros. Then Philip Koutinho. Its market value is 171.3 million euros. With 170.6 million euros, Messi is number 6. The position of Rahim Sterling 7 Market value is 164.6 million euros Romlea Lukaku at number 8 with 164.3 million euros. Market value of Delo is EUR 163.4 million. He is at number 9. At 157.7 million euros, at 10, the number of people who are accustomed to money Cristiano Ronaldo has no top 15.

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