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The reelection of Dukura is increasing … – 747394 Kaler Kantho

Dakshu repeated the request for a four-point request, including newly elected VP Nurul Hakue Noor, expressing solidarity with students of hunger strike in front of the Rokeia Hall at the University of Dhaka. Photo: Kaler Kantha

The central student council of the University of Dhaka (DUCSU) and the results of the parliamentary elections have been canceled, demand for new elections is getting stronger. There is a constant hunger strike in the campus and protests over the cancellation of elections and new elections. On Thursday, the Bangladeshi Chhatra (BCL), JSD cheerleader Chhattan League and Bangladesh Chhatra Maitree wrote a memorandum to the deputy chancellor on Thursday demanding the cancellation of the election and demanding a re-election.

In other news, BCL Secretary General and newly elected GS Golam Rabbani Rokeia Hall in Dhaka are charged with striking hunger strikes Wednesday night. A certified teacher, Hall Jinnat Huda, said that he did not know anything about how to bully pupils. When Golam Rabbani was called to the cell phone, he did not catch him.

Five students began a hunger strike at the entrance of the Rokeia Hall from 9 pm on Wednesday, demanding the reelection of Duke and Parliament and the resignation of the vice-rector. And since the afternoon on Tuesday, seven students go on hunger strike in the sculpture of Ray. Hungry students said that hunger strikes will not continue until requirements are met.

The witness said on Wednesday night that BCL Secretary General and newly elected GS Golam Rabbani from Duquer went to hungry students in front of Rookie Hall with some leaders and activists. He went to the main gate of the hall and invited university professor Golam Rabban to expel hungry students. He called the hungry student "Shibir student's daughter" and said to protest after drinking alcohol.

Professor Jinnat Huda, the head of the hall, claimed that Rokeia had no adjustments in the parliamentary elections. At the same time, he did not know anything about hunger strikers. Zinaat Huda said at the yesterday's press conference at the University Teachers Club: "There are no parliamentary elections in the Rokeia Hall." There were no incidents, even with the hiding of a ballot box, three ballot boxes found in the cabin: "As for the loser of the students, "They were invited to sit with the students several times, but they did not respond. I do not know anything about Hanest.

Withdrawing a hunger strike in front of the Rokeia Hall: Five students withdrew a hunger strike banning the university administration for 24 hours. They said about this decision on Thursday at around 10:30. Earlier, at about 2200 hours, GS Golam Rabbani and AGS Saddam Hossain went to meet hungry students. At one stage, Proctor AKM Golam Rabbani and director Rokeia Hall Jinnat Huda went there. Students refuse to demand the withdrawal of a hunger strike. Then Proctor went to his residence with Proctor. GS Golam Rabbani, while talking with hungry students, said: "Tomorrow you have seduced us. Do not listen to me.

At one stage, students began to protest in front of residents. In the meantime, the Proctor came out of the house of the Provost's house. Later, at around 10:30 in the morning, protest students announced the withdrawal of a hunger strike with a 24-hour ultimatum to get seasonal demand. He told reporters: "If we do not get the demand in this time, we will begin a brutal movement."

New VP Noor Solidarity: Newly elected Vice President Dakshua Nurul Hakue Noor gave solidarity to hungry students in front of the Rokeia Hall. He asked for the resignation of Professor Zinat Hude, provincial governor of the Chamber, and trials for student threats.

Nurul Hakue Nur said: "About the solidarity of the students, around 13:30, said Nur," I expressed solidarity with students looking for a hunger strike. I do not think there is a moral right to remain in the role of the prophet Rokeia Hall Jinnat Huda. Those who tried to lick students at night call on the administration to take immediate action against them.

On the third day of the hunger strike in the sculpture of the Raj, seven students continued a hunger strike at the foot of the Raya anti-terrorist sculpture dragging banners written on a "hunger strike to demand fair and impartial elections." They have been in the aftermath of Tuesday afternoon to demand Daxus elections. They said they were continuing the hunger strike until they were re-elected. Al Mahmoud said Caler Kantho said: "We want Dax's tradition to survive. However, the way the elections are corrupted is contradictory to Dakshu's tradition. That is why we demand fair and neutral elections. "

Three organizations that demand the annulment of the election: Request for a re-election by canceling the results of the "Dusu questioned", the Bangladeshi Chhatra (BCL), student wing organization, the Jashed fan club and the Bangladesh student Maitree, led by Inru.

President of the Jasd Chatham League, Ahsan Habib Shamim, told reporters: "These are questionnaire choices, students did not want such choices." Because of these choices, students lost confidence in university teachers, so we gave a memorandum to the deputy chancellor seeking acceptable elections I hope to accept our requests.

In a three-day election schedule and the announcement of new elections between March 31 and March 31, the vice-president gave a memorandum Tuesday demanding a four-point request that the five panel leaders who took part in the elections participated in the elections. Yesterday he crossed the first day of Ultimate. If they do not take any action within two days, they warned them to embark on a difficult movement.

Since the results have been announced, Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal, the Basic Rights Council of Bangladesh, the Progressive Student Unity, the Independent Alliance and the independent candidates who are taking part in the elections are coming to cancel the elections.

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