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The second Bulbul funeral was completed in the BFDC


In the Bangladeshi Film Development Corporation (BFDC), the renowned music freedom fighter in the country of Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul has finished. Prayer starts at 14:20

Now his body is taken to the intellectual cemetery Mirpur. He'll be a restless musician at this place.

Prior to that, Janaza was held on Wednesday (January 23rd) at the central Jami Jamami University in Dhaka. People from all spheres of life, including cultural ancestors, took part in it.

Bulbul was present at the second funeral at BFDC – actor Alamgir, Riaz, Zaied Khan, musician Ravi Chovdhuri, Monir Khan, Shafik Tuhin, Andrew Kishore, Mushfikur Rahman Gulzar, Badiul Alam Khokan and others.

After the spread of the e-janase at BFDC, director Alamgir said Bulbul had many songs and songs. Through these songs he will live a long time. We had a lot of conversations in the '80s. I have a lot of memories with him. If Bulbul is in paradise, then he will pray.

Regarding musicians, Mushfikur Rahman Gulzar said that Bulbul Bhai was the source of many popular songs. Many of his films attracted the attention of his songs. The nation has lost a great advantage.

As for Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul, said Monir Khan, Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul was not just a singer, he was a music company. Losing him is not like losing. I want her forgiveness.

In the meantime, the Bulbula body is on Wednesday (January 23rd) on Wednesday (January 23rd) in downtown Shaheed Minara. There he received a honorary guard, which the president respected.

Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul, who died of a heart attack in his home in the city's aftab city on Tuesday (January 22nd), breathed the last.

Bangladesh Time: 1442 Hours, January 23, 2015

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