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The slumber of Amir Khan was a goddess!


The slumber of Amir Khan was a goddess!

The Bollywood Queen of the Queen of Beauty, Sridevi, was the crane of Aamir Khan, famous for the year. Perfectionist. Amir told the media.

On Sunday (November 4th) in the Thags of Hindustan campaign in Studios Yashraj, he told reporters.

Aamir Khan said: "We do not have time to hide that Sridevi broke once. If I look in the eyes of Sree Devi, I would be crazy."

Aamir Khan said: "When I started to act, we (the Amir and Sridevi) shoot at the cover of the magazine. I was quite excited about this shooting, as far as I remember, we had to give a special pose but I did not look like I looked at her eyes, because I looked stupid when I looked into the eyes of Mr. Devi. "If caught and caught, I have a pain on him, so I could not look into her eyes." She was an extraordinary actress. "

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