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The story of water and water is coming

Participating in numerous film festivals, including "America, Canada, Nepal and India", a short film "Water and Water", based on Masood Pathic's poetry, is managed by Sohel Rana Baiti.

The short film will be released on Monday (March 18th) at the official IouTube channel of the CMV.

In this context, Sohel Rana Baiti told bangles that there is unrest in the world now. But we forget that we are bigger people than our religion. Through & # 39; water & water & # 39; I also tried to give you a message.

Capturing & Water & Water & # 39; in the remote village of Barisal was killed. Farhad Hossain was in the recording. Writes and the dialogue is written by Raisul Tamal and compiled by Rahat Islam.

Soon they played Bappira, Nusrat Jerry, Badruddos, Nilufar Vaahid, Aa Maa Hassanuzzaman and a children's artist Apan.

Bangladesh Time: 1841 Hours, March 17, 019

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