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This is the biggest accusation against the husband of a tele-actress



Popular Indian actress Chahat Khanna accused her former husband Farhan Mirza of sexual and mental henastra. In 2013, Farhan was married to "Baro azee hajar hai", a famous actress who was married. Farhan is the son of the famous Bollywood writer Shahruh Mirza.

A month ago, Chahat Khanna sued her divorce. In the Farhan-Chahat house, the couple have two daughters. Their names are Johar and Amir. In an interview with The Times of India, Chahat said Farhan had sexually and emotionally tortured him.

Farhana said that separation was made without a decision overnight, she said, Farhana refused to divorce even if she wanted a divorce.

Chahat said: "He did not want to hug me without thinking about my health, even without sex. Then I thought that if I died, they would not take care of me.

"Not only sexual violence, but also emotional and financial torture." Gagalom's surroundings made me surround the house, he called me a sex worker and had doubts about my co-actress. When they invited me to a party at a party and said, I have a relationship with him That's the problem, "said Chahat.

Chahat said, even when two children were born, Farhan doubted whether his father was Farhan or not. He even tried to get him out of the house.

"Farhan knew well where I was and where our children are." Two daughters Johar and Amra are currently in Mumbai with their mother. Source: NDTV, Hindustan Times

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