Monday , March 8 2021

What Shakil Khan said about leaving the film

Shakil Khan

Shakil Khan is a popular actor in films about Dhalivood. He made his big screen debut in 1996 with the film ‘Amar Ghar Amar Beheshat’. The actor teamed up with actress Poppy in a film directed by Sohanur Rahman Sohan.

At the peak of his career, Shakil Khan left the film for unknown reasons. He is busy with his work. This time Shakil lived with his wife and gave a reason to leave the film.

Answering the question of the audience, he said: “Cinema used to be one of the biggest entertainment facilities in Bangladesh. But there came a time when people had bad ideas about movies, and the quality of production was bad. It was then that I resigned. Because I always wanted to present something beautiful to people. The idea was to donate a beautiful and good deed. ‘

Returning to the cinema, Shakil Khan said, ‘It’s not that I don’t want to give something good yet. I’ll think about it when something good comes up. But I don’t know when. We have to wait. ‘

It should be noted that after the commercial success of the first film starring Shakil Khan, the actor acted in more than a hundred films. Rumors spread about his love with the heroine Poppy. But Shakil Khan married Sharmin Hossain. Their happy family with two children.

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