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04:42 – The starter of 20 is still studying


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in BRUSSELS (Belgium)

Only 5% of the elderly (4.9%) in 2018 is active in the status of an independent student since it exists since January 1, 2017. That is 10.5% more than during the same months of 2017. Most students begin their independent activity for 21 years. "Make preamble for their future professional activity, secondly," according to data from experts in the human resources field Acert. Most students do not start an independent activity since the beginning of the study (higher). Most students start at age 21: 65% are at this age or older. "The students' desire to earn (additional) income is not new, and the fact that they do it under the status of an independent is no longer so exceptional." Universities and universities communicate more about status independent of students and students ask them more questions about it, "says Acerta. The most common activity among students is an independent teaching function: private lessons, tutoring, etc. For other activities we can expect independent students to continue studies: graphic design, computer activities, web applications, physiotherapy, speech therapy, etc. (Belga)

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