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Climate Walk: What are the chances of young people drenching classes?

Minister Marie-Martine Schins has decided to adopt it in the absence of young demonstrators.

The Minister of Education in the Walloon-Brussels Federation agreed with the associations of directors and networks regarding the position for adoption in the absence of pupils. Nearly 30,000 young people drowned on Thursday to walk in several Belgian cities and demand more climate action.

The letter is written and should be sent this Friday to all school directors and networks, according to RTBF information.

Minister Marie-Martine Schins says " fully understand the mobilization of students and the symbolism of work in the school day "." But they are self-responsible citizens, they must be able to find the balance between this civic commitment and the continuity of learning. She said.

Unreasonable absence?

" The framework is simple: if the school does not control it, if there are no teachers, the teachers who follow the students to walk … is considered to be absent She said. The school is not responsible for the incident.

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In a statement, the Minister of Education considers that accounting for absenteeism should not be confused with " to punish
"It suggests the establishment of a system of rotation by class, by age category or by the local realities of each school, in order to avoid that the same students demonstrate Thursday and systematically miss the same classes.

The policy proposed by the signatories of the letter is not binding. School directors can freely choose their arrangements.

Minister Schins explained his vision of the Facebook after the RTBF report. She says no they have never sought sanctions for students taking part in climatic marches ".

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