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Diving in Riad Sattouf's "comic"


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A copy of "Arabe du futur", book 1. RIAD SATTOUF / ALLARI EDITIONS

In comics as well as everything, it's never harmless to see who works. In the Center of Pompidou Center for Public Information (BPI), in Paris, where Riad Sattouf settled for four months, a short list of those who had previously taken the place is eloquent, because who knows a little history 9e Art: Art Spiegelman (2011), Claire Bretecher (2015), Andre Frankuin (2016) – say a bit.

Sad ghosts can point out that the comic is not exhibited in the middle of the collections of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, located in 4e and 5e the level of the building, but "only" in the ground floor library does not prevent it: certain institutional arrangements are issued every time an artist enters Beaubourg on any floor.

Riad Sattouf could not escape. The designer, also the director, has become a great author of contemporary comics for several years thanks to success & # 39;Arap of the future, the autobiographical saga taking place in the Middle East (Libya, Syria) and France, translated into more than twenty languages ​​and sold in 1.5 million copies (excluding 4e volume published at the end of September).

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Like Marjane Satrapi (persepolis) or Joann Sfar (Rabin's cat) before him, Riad Sattouf's spectacular spectacular way brings the phenomenon of decompartmentalisation of comics, which he thinks is expanding his publicity from year to year. Most readers are not composed of comic fans, but readers, more often used for generalist bookstores than specialized bookstores. For them, this elegant and didactic exhibition was conceived, under the supervision of three scientific advisers (sociologist, cartoonist, professor of French literature).

A natural gift for copying the real one

& # 39;Arap of the future occupies only a quarter of the space, inviting visitors to discover other achievements of the author. His other "success" is Nice kids, a feature film he made in 2009 by adjusting his two albums (The secret life of young people, back to college). But the fertile Sattouf – admirer Silvester Stallone and Francois Truffaut – is also the father of lesser-known earthquakes such as hyperviril Pascal Brutal (awarded the golden fauv for the best album in Angouleme 2010), Pipit Farlouse bird (who teaches to fly) or Jeremy loser.

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