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Doctors are angry at the patient's rating on the Internet

"The arrogant figure is pretentious and does not care for the patient","Humiliating and unpleasant, wrong diagnosis and much more to avoid. Bad experience","You are a charlatan of the worst kind, disgusting character, strongly advising against"… Words are heavy, sometimes insulting … Direct criticisms that doctors can discover on Google.

Now patients have the opportunity to evaluate them and leave a comment visible to all users. Doctors are often experienced. "I lived since September, I had a negative opinion three months later … this reduces the need for medical practice because it is not just a doctor, but it is the man behind whom it is assessed and painful "says Dr. Makime Maurice, a Cardiologist from Normandy.

Freedom of speech

This doctor is not the only one who complains about this phenomenon. Health experts have launched a petition calling on the government to ban these online notifications. Some doctors have even attacked Google in court. But an American company is calling for freedom of expression to this day, the French law approves the publication of opinions on all topics. To help doctors maintain their reputation on the Internet, the Doctors' Collegium has published a practical guide. In particular, doctors are advised to respond to negative comments, respecting medical confidentiality and taking legal action in case of insult or defamation.


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