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Far Cry Nev Davn – PlaiStation 4


Back to the front.

Thinking that Far Cri 5 is less than a year old can be a shocking discovery, especially since Far Cri is New Davn here and it's a brand new Far Cri experience. Although it's not an extension, it's a smaller, shorter game that focuses on a scripted campaign. Far Cri Nev Davn is everything you can expect from Far Cri Recipes. There is a big world open to looting and exploration, a wide range of excellent firearms to be produced, many accompanying activities that will keep you busy and, of course, all the explosions that make your screen bright. Far Cry Davn also brings some new mechanics that add some new elements to the game. Some of them do not work well as you might expect, but they make enough time for the game to stand out from last year. The new RPG system allows you to fight higher-level enemies that are harder to kill, especially if you do not have the ultimate combat equipment to fight them, as well as the opportunity to get to each office and return it to "Increasing weight and winning ethanol and a rare cool outfit is a great way to allow players to continue grinding these offices after the game is over.

Far Cry Davn begins seventeen years after the end of the world in Far Cry 5. The society has disappeared. Instead, small groups of people together have created a refuge to try to create a refuge. You play the role of a survivor who is sent to a place called the Prosperity to help them grow and evolve. A group of deadly rebels known as Ravagers, led by crazy twins, Lu and Mickey, who intercept your train and things go wrong. After a fairly epic introduction, you will discover the perspective of the New Dawn of Hope District, a remarkable character and a wonderful open-air world for exploration. The goal of the game is to create a safe haven helping the survivors through the map, returning them to the original camp, upgrading their equipment and removing the Ravagers once and for all. The Far Cri is known for its strong antagonists, and the twins Mickei and Lou are now taking up the role. He would like their stories to be a little more detailed, but these are two crazy girls who enjoy the end of the world, leading a ruthless group of obstacles and killing people. After Joseph Seed, it may be difficult to keep track of their presence, and although Ubisoft tried to show these two as rough guys, their characters are not deep enough to be able to take care of the player.

Hope Countri is unrecognizable or almost.

The land of the Hope parish moved, the lakes were formed and the mountains were created due to damage from the nuclear fall. This means that the overall map is very different. Of course, you will meet unforgettable sights, but it is difficult to accurately determine where you are in relation to Far Cria, that is, the time of "Super Bloom", which means that most of the land and its sights are now covered with beautiful vegetation. Animals also have a bit of a hurricane with big horns, bears have a similar stone, and bison are more deadly than ever with massive stone skulls that can easily fall down. The same goes for places, because today they are very different, but to a certain extent they are still recognizable. Pests captured sights across the map and turned them into their base to gather the rarity resources on earth, ethanol. In the game there is no currency, instead you take control of these offices, recover them, run for the recovery of cargo falling from the sky, and collect everything you find to trade, make weapons and objects, and improve prosperity.

This new economy leads the players, but not as flexible as they hoped. Resources are rich, which is good and bad. In a way, it allows you to focus on the world, the game and the story, but in other ways, it completely rejects the aspect of survival of the window. However, the things you can do are fantastic, and their lack of character gives the reality to the whole thing. Finally, most because some items are extremely exaggerated and do not even fit into the theme or setting of the game. A flame thrower of a unicorn. This weapon is added to the battle, which is known more than ever. Jump, slide, shoot your enemies upstairs, and of course, the secrets are in the meeting. With a new ranking system, you need to have unlocked higher level skills to level 3 and elite enemies quietly, but there is no difference when you have a double rifle gun equipped, you can go to the enemies and die fast enough.

The concept that is developing.

The biggest problem of the game is the way it radically changes. At first, you are fighting and accepting all the challenges as seriously as possible, but soon after unlocking a decent weapon, either in the game or in the Ubisoft Club, things become too simple. We would like to see how Fari Cri is improving his challenge through experience, not just for the first rank. Even classified enemies become too light, and an attack on the top ranked offices only requires the use of ports to disable all remote alarms. Using this weakness, you can easily recover significant equipment. Character progression depends on the level and condition of deeper and unlocking, and the upgrade of survivors gives you access to new skills, new weapons and techniques. Again, you can only attack the pillar at the highest level and unlock everything halfway through the adventure. In this regard, the promotion system is a very useful feature that allows you to continue to work and try to conserve all survivors and unlock all the benefits.

One of the best features of the game is undoubtedly a new way of working Ekpeditions. Through the game, as you improve this part of the prosperity, you will have access to other expeditions. These missions take place outside Hope County and lead you to beautiful little maps across the United States. Nuclear falls have also affected them, so that the look and feel is well-suited to the whole game. This is where you and your partner must go to the map, avoid everything, or kill everything. Find a backpack and reach the extraction point while you survive the enemy attack. When you download the bag, the GPS alarm will sound after 30 seconds. All enemies begin to move towards you as you try to reach the point of extraction and survive until the helicopter arrives. These missions marked a big break from the usual Hope Survey and provided a unique place to visit, with unique approaches and combat capabilities. The brightest is probably the one in H.M.S. MacCoubrei, who took you to a gigantic ship, took the bag and left it wide on the engine. It was fun and useful, because all the prey that you get from these missions is used to make the most powerful equipment.

Everything changes then to Far Cry Nev Davno after a certain point in which you get special powers called the Eden's Touch. With these powers, you can make a double jump, obstruct the enemies while you are healing, and even roll over to the rage to hit everything. These missions and expeditions are becoming a bit easier, but your approach changes, which also diversifies experience. The average session with Far Cry Nev Dawn takes you to famous hunt sites, kills rebel groups, recruits new allies (mercenaries or animals), collects ethanol and improves their base. It's a cycle that works and you're never bored, because the world has enough to round up and interrupt you. Add this method of cooperation and you have one of the best ways to spend your time.

Realization that is progressing?

Although still working on version 2.0 of the Dunia graphic engine (which is used by Far Cri 3), this new episode offers a very successful technical achievement. The depth of the field is elegantly executed, the day / night cycles are well-guided, and the weather conditions are very credible. The extent of the playground and its relative vivacity are respect. Animation remains quite fluid on consoles, despite some significant slowdowns, and artificial intelligence remains in the Far Cria line 5. The protagonists react to your actions, and we never saw the same events in the same way. . Your allies are very powerful, so you can sometimes perform some missions to extract weapons. If there are some problems with the interface (especially for inventory management), the game Far Cri Nev Dawn remains very arcade and can be controlled in seconds. PS4 requires, of course, it's possible to play PS Vita via Remote Play, and everything remains very pleasant. On the PS4 Pro, we enjoy the resolution of 1620p (against 1080p on the base model).

The game lasts about twenty-five hours while performing the main tasks, knowing that two ends are possible again (good and bad). There is also the possibility of returning and completing all depots at the greatest difficulty for this aircraft and ending large expeditions to different difficulties. These activities are fun and useful, so there is a reason to return. Unfortunately, the greatest stumbling block of Far Cry Nev Davn lies in his ranking system. It could have been something really great to offer new challenges and new layers of play, but ultimately it fell to the surface because it simply is not big enough to ask for any attention from you. . The first time you see that the elite guard is scary, but as soon as you realize that you can kill him with a domestic rifle or dynamite, things get worse. But the spell lies in the open world and the game's activities, and we all know that Ubisoft stands out in this area. The lateral sound is finally, the soundtrack is very good, with well-chosen music, very dubling work and impressive sound effects.


Far Cry Nev Davn offers an explosive vision of the Apocalypse with unforgettable characters, great action and a decent amount of unique activities to make the experience live and good. If Far Cry Davn will not clearly revolutionize the series, it will restore the solid foundations of its predecessors and this should be sufficient for all supporters of that kind. The promotion system is updated, the multiplier aspect is not forgotten, which allows the campaign to live in cooperation, while the technical realization signifies significant progress (especially on the color side).

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