Thursday , June 1 2023

Food banks continue to lack basic products for packages


The situation is deteriorating for food banks. According to the latest estimates of the Federation, until February, no new arrival of European products is expected – representing 48% of the total.

SPF Social Integration explores the possibility of drawing a budget to cover this period, but nothing is less secure, says the federal administration's Jozef Mottar.

MP Nahima Lanjri (CD & V) sounded the alarm in mid-October, pointing out that the distributing associations did not have milk, flour, rice, pasta and oil while Belgium received EUR 88 million from the European Union to purchase them.

The Cabinet of the competent Minister Denis Dukarma (MR) recognized the problem with the tenders.

The Federation is represented by nine food banks that distribute goods from industry, distribution, fruit and vegetable auctions and the European Fund for Best Benefits.

A total of 157,000 people use food packages in Belgium.

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