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"I have to get together!"

The opportunity to tell us about his son Leon, his play "Endangered Species", where he plays with his comrades "
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and who goes to Belgium, but also a more personal subject.

When, four years ago, you explained that you underwent surgery to lose weight, that it was important for your health, did some people make mistakes?

Yes, yes, it was. I heard people say: "I like it more." It was stupid and awkward to say: "I loved it more because it was more fun". We are no longer ridiculous because we are fat or less funny because we are skinny! These are shortcuts … There is really no answer, except "take 60 pounds I've lost, live with them and then we'll see if you're good and fun." It's a disease, not an aesthetic surgery. It's not a commercial approach, it's just to be healthier and have a longer lifespan. There's no need to argue. After that, I recognize that the change of image was radical. I can understand that this has destabilized people. I took it a bit, because it's part of the process, it will be five years, and it's a daily struggle that I'm struggling to lead.

Should you continue to pay attention to what you eat?

Yes, you have to be careful all the time because you put a little more, even if you do not do it again. But as the disease stays in the body, if we do not keep healthy and balanced, we do not engage in sports, weighing the pounds quickly in numbers. Everyone should pay attention to their diet, but when a normal person takes 200 grams, an obese person will take 2 or 3 kilograms. I took a little there, I gotta get together! I have a small café what they say in men! (A smile)

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"Endangered Species": March 20 at the Roial de Namur Theater; March 21 at the Forum in Leigh; March 22 at the Palais des Beauk-Arts in Charleroi.

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