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Influenza soon to our door?


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While influenza activity is increasing in the Netherlands, as well as in certain regions of France, between these two countries, Belgium can not be slow to unload a seasonal epidemic.

For now, with around 90 consultations per 100,000 inhabitants, however, we are still not close to reaching an epidemiological threshold of 157 consultations. This year, although an increasing number of patients have now consulted their general practitioner for ILI, According to the Scientific Research Center, it is expected that the epidemic will affect our country later than in the previous winters.

Recent data, published on Wednesday from Sciensana, show an influenza activity that is still below the threshold of the epidemic. Between January 14 and 20, 2019, about 90 people per 100,000 inhabitants really consulted a general practitioner for flu syndrome (high temperature, cough, nasal leakage, throat pain, headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, etc.) . ). Like other European countries, only Virus A virus A circulates almost exclusively in Belgium.

Recall that a flu epidemic in Belgium would be formally declared, the epidemic threshold of 157 consultations per 100,000 inhabitants must be overstated for at least two consecutive weeks, and at least 20% of respiratory organs analyzed by Sciensano must be positive.

While every winter, the seasonal flu epidemic affects about 3 to 10% of the population, it remains difficult to predict the exact moment of the epidemic and its intensity.

Basic tips

On the other hand, in addition to vaccination, there are some ways to limit the risk of virus transmission, as the scientific research center continues to highlight, recalling some basic tips. To know: if you experience flu symptoms, quickly consult a general practitioner and follow all of his recommendations; stay home and avoid unnecessary contacts that are necessary to limit the spread of the disease; Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use a hydrocarbon solution; always cough into tissue and postpone it immediately after use. If you do not have tissue, cough on your hand (in the inner elbow, for example) and not in your hands.

In addition, Sciensano remembers – for all intentions and purposes – that antibiotics are not effective against flu because it is a viral infection! For more information: https: //

Sciensano monitors the number of influenza infections in Belgium based on data provided by general practitioners, hospitals and testing laboratories. A weekly influenza newsletter is available every Wednesday afternoon on the Sciensano Influenza website.

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