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LeBron James surpasses Vilt Chamberlain and becomes fifth shooter in history – NBA 2018-2019 – basketball


Player: LeBron James has passed Vilt Chamberlain

Later, Los Angeles Lakers is growing. The Californians won the fourth game. They are undefeated from signing Tison Chandler, a veteran who is already worth the racket. They even won six of the last seven games, including a victory over Portland tonight (126-117).

The match LeBron James made with his score. The king was inspired by the Blazers. He took his opponents, physically and technically, with several blocks and spectacular dunks. But this is above all a new line of his legend that he wrote that night. James became the fifth best scorer of all time, surpassing Vilt Chamberlain, another cult player. It was a throw that passed through the Lakers icon. Ironically, Los Angeles's number 23 Los Angeles problem has recently been considered.

James finished with 44 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists for what is still the best match under Loyers' tuna since his signing last July.

Match: Jimmy Butler begins with a defeat

The first Jimmy Butler with Sikers eagerly awaited and would not engage in history. This team of Philadelphia, who was processing the All-Star back, beat Orlando that night (106-111). A defeat that can be blamed for the lack of automation of key players who will still have to learn to play together. Butler, a little shy, finished with 14 points and 4 rebounds. Joel Embieid had double double – 19 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists – but he was awkward (6 out of 20 shots). Ben Simmons did not have a setup problem and finished with 9 points and 6 assists.

Hats could easily get this sword. They still ran 92 to 76 in the fourth quarter. The moment they collapsed. Magic has joined 21 points in a row, preventing even the opponents from reaching the last three minutes of the match. Terence Ross scored a decisive three-point pointer that passed within nine seconds of the siren and Orlando went to the end of his infernal return. With 30 points and 8 rebounds for Nikola Vučević in excellent form.

Jimmy Butler was the one who was supposed to help Sikers overcome their difficulties in a tight match. His presence did not change the problem that night. This first highlights the potential mismatch between Butler and Simmons. The Australian was too discreet, too limited without a ball, and he shot only five times. It's like being lost. But alchemy will not develop in one day. This group needs time. It would be risky to draw exaggerated conclusions after just one meeting. But there is still work.

Observation: KAT and Wolves are better!

If Jimmy Butler missed his first with Philadelphia, two former Sikers, Robert Covington and Dario Saric started winning. They debuted with the Volves after they moved to Minnesota in return for the All-Star back. Covington was titular and scored 13 points while taking 7 rebounds. The deputy, Saric scored 9 points. Wolves wins Pelikans (107-100).

A victory that is good for morale. Especially for Karl-Anthony Tovns, definitely more comfortable now when Butler left. Pivot stopped the game at 25 points and 21 rebounds after the transfer of his teammate. The chain is 25 points and 16 rebounds tonight. Andrew Viggins added 23 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists.

Back: Detroit tops Toronto with a siren

The emotion was enchanting tonight in Toronto. First, because Dwane Casey, the Canadian franchise coach since 2011 before being fired this year, for the first time in the building for the first time … this time was the head of Pistons. Then, after the players gave him a victory in the detention, after clearing the deficit of 19 points (106-104, the final result). Reggie Bullock scored a basket for victory after the clock was stopped.

Kawhi Leonard's Raptors (26 points, 9 rebounds) continued to lead 88:77 in the early fourth quarter. But Casey's players continued to make progress. They went for their coach with 30 points and 12 rebounds from Blake Griffin. Andre Drummond also announced a double double with 11 points and 14 rebounds. Together they made Raptors their second rise in the home.

Match: Utah won with 50 points by Dallas

Here is a sad and spectacular defeat. Utah throws dust against Dallas (68-118), the worst fall in history! Jazz players were incredibly uncomfortable throughout the evening (31% of the success), and Harrison Barnes (19 points) and Luka Doncic (13) knocked them down. In the second period, they scored 22 points, including nine small pawns in the fourth quarter. The third success for Texas, which is slightly falling from the depth of the classification in the West.

French: Ian Mahinmi floats

Delicate evening for France on an individual level. Most of them were either clumsy or had no opportunity to show up. Evan Furnier missed 8 of his 12 attempts and finished with 9 points. Did the bar escape. 9 points, with 7 rebounds, for Ian Mahinma who contributed to the victory of Washington against Cleveland. Perhaps the most successful match by a player from France tonight. Rudi Gobert set a double double (10 points, 10 rbds), but he suffered a monumental slap that he covered Jazz.

Young Guerschon Iabusele (3 points in 6 minutes) and Frank Ntilikin (4 points in 21 minutes) were discreet. Timothe Luvavu-Cabarrot played him for Oklahoma City.

All results

Wizards – Drivers: 119-95
Celtics – Bulls: 111-82
Networks – heat: 107-120
Raptors – pistons: 104-106
Bucks – Grizli: 113-116
Thunder – Knicks: 128-103
Timbervolves – Pelicans: 107-100
Mavericks – Jazz: 118-68
Sun – Spurs: 116-96
Lakers – Trail Blazers: 126-117

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