Tuesday , May 30 2023

Liege: Alibaba and 40 flights / h?



Chinese e-commerce giant comes to Liege …

Villi Borsus, Charles Michel, Villi Demeier … to name only the main policies that, at the beginning of this Tuesday, were expressed, blossoming, on the passing arrival of the Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba, in Liege … I need to say that the promises attractive, especially in terms of employment: "thousands." And what jobs! In the logistics sector, the sector of the dear generation of decision-makers in Liege, is happy to finally enter the twenty-first century economy. Liee drank on Tuesday with luck. But should not we, from now on, ask questions that are upset? Those who initiated this economic model, electronic commerce, unattainable competition that will, without beneficence in this area, sign the death penalty of traditional trade. Alibaba, a model that is synonymous with massive business flows, but a job that some already call cheap. Social dumping in sight? And beyond the economic model, the arrival of such a mastodon – inevitably – raises the issue of air activity, sensitive in urban areas, due to obvious climatic and health reasons. In the absence of control, this file will require serious markers to avoid that Alibaba does not consent to its … 40 flights / h!

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