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Monaco would try an offshore mount, UEFA would "go through the sponge"


In order to enter into the finals of the financial fair game, the Monaco club would try to "offshore mounting"through Hong Kong and the Virgin Islands, the operation was finally interrupted, but during which UEFA would have partially"sponge"said the media collective, including Mediapart, on Monday in the Football League.

At the end of the 2013-14 season, Monaco, France's vice president qualifies for the Champions League, and a new resource is needed to respect the financial fair play, a rule that prohibits the club that deals with the competition to spend more than it earns.

According to Mediapart, accompanying documents, ASM then signed a partnership with the marketing agency AIM Digital Imaging,offshore companies registered in Hong Kong"and responsible for guaranteeing"140 million euros of AS Monaco's revenue for ten years"if the club itself does not release such resources.

In October 2014, this agreement "atypical"would be finished"an investment agreement with Citi Concept Ventures, a company registered in the British Virgin Islands"It should be on his side"invests 140 million euros a year in AIM Digital Imaging".

Mediapart says Citi Concept Ventures will actually be "a false nose"the owner of Monaco, the Russian billionaire Dmitry Fishing, so he allowed him to put money directly into his club, bypassing the rules of the UEFA financial fair game.

To convince UEFA, Monaco would run through the entire operation "an intense lobbying campaign"with Andrea Traverso, the manager of financial fair play in the body, especially during"dinner at the Joel Robuchon restaurant at the Metropole Hotelfrom Monte Carlo.

This did not prevent the UEFA research chamber from launching an investigation into the club's deficits by condemning Monaco in May 2015 for a fine of three million euros, with a job limit. one year.

However, according to a consortium of European newspapers, the investigative chamber would have "They chose to close their eyes"about controversial contract with AIM with"this friendly agreement is particularly mild".

Mediapart quotes email from Andree Traverso to Advisor to Monegasque Leader Philips Dhondt: "This is a very favorable agreement compared to those with other clubs. Far from that PSG last year"says the head of the financial fair game.

In the meantime, Monaco could not finally make use of its "offshore mounting"because of the quarrel between Dmitry Rybollov and the head of the AIM Bernard de Roos.

Last year Monaco was quoted as part of Football Leax, about the sale of certain players in Spain or the tax situation of the Colombian star Radamel Falco.

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