Saturday , June 3 2023

Philippe and Mathilde represent new official portraits


On the occasion of the Royal Day, the Belgian monarchy published new official photographs of Philip and Mathlide. The queen, if we believe in the comments on the Facebook page, leaves a great impression in her long fusion dress. Internet users failed to congratulate the royal couple.

"Serve a common good, not a personal interest"

The Royal Day is also known by Te Deum. Cardinal De Kessel expanded the biblical reading given in the Cathedral of the Saints Mihailo and Gudula, in the deity, underlining the call of King Solomon to privilege "What serves the common good, not the personal interest"And this is a common good "It can not be reduced to the interest of its people or nation"He said in Dutch.

Referring to Psalm 72, Joseph De Kesel delivered a political reading of the Bible that was provoked by the King, above the care that, along with politics, "delivered the poor who call and the little helpless" often leave behind. by public opinion.

Compared to the war of 14 to 18 June, which was just celebrated for the 100th anniversary of the prime minister, the head of the Belgian Catholic Church spoke of the many refugees who today avoided wars and violence in an ever-growing global world. "They are not aliens, but fellow citizens (…) The boundaries we are building or the walls we are building do not offer solutions to problems that arise across borders and walls. There will be no prosperity and security in our country without prosperity and security in the world," he said in Dutch after challenging the N-VA Global Migration Agreement.

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