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Prince Charles is a little-known romance with Diana's eldest sister


In the Spenser family, Prince Charles, who was 70 years old on November 14, finally chose his youngest daughter, Lada Diane, married in 1981. But with Sarah's older sister, Sarah, he first embraced hugs. A flirt that went wrong …

He is unlikely to exchange a few sweet words, while Prince Charles officially celebrates his 70th birthday on November 14th. Was invited to William's wedding with Kate Middleton in 2011, and then Harry with Meghan Markle on May 19but the initiative of these calls is returned to two princes. With the heir to the Crown, his relations are cordial, nothing more. She is Sarah McCorkuodale, born Sarah Spencer, elder sister Ladi Diana.

The story was at best forgotten by the general public, but the 63-year-oldthe first Spencer girlfriend with Prince Charles. The community was founded in 1977. Family story, so to speak, Spencer, the old line of English aristocrats, but several generations near Windsor.

Then Charles, who left Camilla, desperately sought for his princess. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip demand him to marry. The successor of the crown is approaching his thirties. With good physics and sparkling character, Sarah Spenser, whom she has known since childhood, has no shortage of property. The prince is fond of taking him to Switzerland, on the slopes of Klosters, an ultra-chic resort. Las! There, Sarah stands up the worst mistakein the eyes of the kindly son of Elizabeth II.

He accepted a journalist from the mirror, James Vhittaker, Diana's older sister deals with some trust about her anorexic past, her violent love affair … and Charles, whom she does not intend to marry at all, "Whether he is the next king of England or he was a cleaner". When his words appear in the mirror, The prince is fumbling and brutally interrupt their relationship. "You just made a stupid thing you could"then his words would be.

In 1977, Sarah thinks she caught her introducing his little sister, Dajana Prince of Wales. "I played Kupid", she said, after publishing their engagement in February 1981 … No doubt the lightning was poisoned. The union will be a disaster we know …

A happier marriage for the older Spencer girls. Since 1980 she has been married to Neil McCorkuodale, with whom she had three children. The long-time lady of Ladi Diana, Today he presides over the Diana Memorial Fund, since the death of Princess Wales, 20 years ago, and has participated in several biographies dedicated to her youngest daughter. Villiam and Harry love him a lot. He reminded Camilla, the queen of his heart, Charles, he feels amnesia.

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