Monday , March 8 2021

Reopening a terrace: a good or bad idea?

The possible reopening of the terraces is the subject of discussion within Horeca.

Re-launched by the political class in recent days and the arrival of nice weather, the debate over the potential reopening of the terraces of bars and restaurants has stirred up players in the hotel and catering industry. This possibility raises several questions, especially the question of profitability. Is opening a bar or restaurant with a terrace just profitable?

For Kemal, manager of Live Central Park in Schaerbeek, the answer is no. “Clearly you shot in the leg. We lose a lot of money for little capacity to accept our customers. You can’t save yourself just by terraces.

In Liege, the director of the restaurant Les Sabots d’Helene, Marc Carnevale, agrees. “It would be completely ridiculous to reopen only with terraces for two reasons: first, if we reopen, we lose the right to the promenade, so we get our servers, kitchen staff and other staff out of our unemployment. And secondly, he risks punishing restaurateurs who survive after being taken out. “

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