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Semifinals AC Milana Alen Halilovic amplifies Standard

Croatian midfielder Alen Halilovic, 22, was loaned by AC Milan to Standard until June 2020 with a purchase option, a club from Liège announced on Thursday on its official website.

Alen Halilovic is the "only" second player who passed the Standard this winter after a young Belgian Nicolas Raskin, arrived from La Gantoise.

Standard Liege, Milan and Alen Halilovic reached an agreement: a Croatian international offensive midfielder was loaned to our club by June 2020 (with a purchase option), detailed Rouches in his press release. Standard Liege welcomes Alen Halilovic and the best in our colors. "

The international Croatian nine times (but last time in 2016), this young median of 1m69 has only sixty minutes of playing this season, only in the Europa League (including 55 against Dudelange).

Formed in Dinamo, then through Barça, Gijon, Hamburg and Las Palmas, Alen Halilovic, who still has 74 appearances in La Liga, will try to give new impetus to his career on the Sclessina side.

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