Sunday , January 29 2023

State aid for the most insecure: some households feel forgotten


One of the big budget files referred to the increase in energy bills. To make it a little easier, the government has therefore decided to extend the “social tariff” for the most vulnerable and to also grant them an “energy check” of 80 euros. So who will really benefit? And will that be enough to “compensate” for the increase in prices in the past few weeks?

This is the first measure announced by the government: the extension of the extended social tariff. The system that was originally established as part of COVID’s measures and will be maintained in 2022. The aid was approved for about 2 million Belgians, ie CPAS beneficiaries, pensioners with limited income and workers with an income of 1,600 euros gross per month. On average: savings of 720 euros per year.

We have to keep the help

For example, in the CPAS des Bons-Villers, given the current situation, we are delighted with the measure. Anne-Laure Desmit, President of CPAS: “People fill their tanks with fuel oil. They call because they can’t make ends meet. They ask for help from CPAS. It’s every day, at least a request in this direction. We have to maintain help.”

Together with the measure, those same people who benefit from the extended social tariff for gas and electricity, even in a difficult situation, will benefit from a reduction of 80 to 100 euros on the annual bill. Some citizens today feel forgotten. “You really have to be in trouble and underground to get help. Normal households, most households, we won’t see the color of federal aid“, Estimates one woman interviewed for RTL INFO at 7 p.m.

The guest of our editorial board, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, reacted: “There’s nothing free. There’s always someone who has to pay for it. Our choice was to target those who really needed it. We had the choice to give everyone a little or tell those who really needed it, those who have will help them “.

103 million euros of aid

The latest amendment to our law, federal taxes that would increase next year will be replaced by excise taxes that can be prevented from increasing. For households, that is a reduction of 30 to 50 euros. “It’s better than nothing, but it’s not enough. When you see the price of energy, it’s not enough for many people“, loosen the interviewed passer-by. This measure does not apply to people who benefit from the extended social tariff. For the government, the price of this rebate is 103 million euros.

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