Wednesday , May 25 2022

Stephane Pauwels critically looks at football and Thierry Henry: "T3 with Devils is not the same as head coach!"



Monaco, under the tutelage of Terry Henry, goes through the nightmare season. This did not escape from Stephen Pauwels, who worked on Rock as a supervisor …

Although absent from RTL-TV, host Stephane Pauwels has not been completely erased from the public scene.

While DH recently discovered the problem of PAF (and PAB), working on writing a new book, the head of the head of the Storm of Life (the projection is soon planned for a good reason) remains a major follower of sports and football news, mainly from the French-Belgian spectrum. He did it, so he is in Twitter, where he is still very active while he was waiting for his trial (expected in the first quarter of 2019), he could not but comment on the very turbulent beginnings of the former T3 Red Devils as chief trainer in Monaco, star Thierry Henry. With all due respect to this football legend, Stephane Pauwels retains a critical point: "It's not enough to be T3 with Devils to be the head coach … Another job …" he said. Tvitovao.

Remember that Stephane Pauwels, in his football – before becoming a medium – was a supervisor for AS Monaco. He, among other things, was responsible for scanning the Belgian championship for the main club.

This is not the first time that Stef publicly voiced reservations about the appointment of Thierry Henry as T1

AS Monaco, which on the last day of the Ligue 1 competition, Stuburus, took 1-5 on Rock, earned only 15 points from 21 games since the arrival of the former champion. -Gunner on the side line. The club was also eliminated from the FC Metz last night from the Coupe de France. The specter of Ligue 2 begins to hover over the club that recently joined Fabregas, and where our compatriots Iuri Tielemans and Nacer Chadli are developing …


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