Sunday , January 29 2023

The breeding of purebred cats has caused criticism


Cat sphinx breeding in Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon, Lanaudiere, has drawn criticism from several buyers who accuse owners of abusing cats and selling sick animals.

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The owners of the kennel “Fidele sphinx” deny that and want to improve the result.

Cassandra Milette contacted the breeder through the Kijiji website, in order to get a purebred cat for about $ 1,000. Owner Laurie-Anne Saint-Denis would offer him another kitten who was only six weeks old and had health problems, Ms Millette said.

“She told me that he had complications, that he needed treatment and that I could go with him for $ 300. Otherwise, he risked euthanasia. When I got home, I realized he was really too skinny. He had to eat, “the lady added.

The same story for Karine Vaillancourt who was offered a small sphinx through an acquaintance on social media. “The owner came to take it to me late at night. When I saw what it looked like, I stopped breathing. It was a shock, “she said.

The two ladies accuse the “Faithful Sphinx” of not taking adequate care of the small animals and of feeding them poorly. According to them, their kittens weighed only 270 and 320 grams.

Two other clients contacted TVA Nouvelles to cancel this practice.

Meet on the spot, owners Benoit Bouchard and Laurie-Anne Saint-Denis defended themselves by demonstrating cruelty to animals and blaming customers. “Mrs. Milette came on Friday to buy a sphinx. She insisted on leaving with the six-week-old kitten, even though I told her that he was not ready and that he needed care. She knew that. The same goes for Ms. Vaillancourt, ”they said.

The owner also claimed that due to rhinotracheitis, a virus similar to the flu in cats, 11 kittens would stop drinking. “One of my two females could no longer give milk, so we had to feed a total of 11 kittens for two hours. It was extremely demanding. They were all sold at a discount to people who wanted to take care of them, “said the lady.

Ms. Saint-Denis and Mr. Bouchard assured that their cats were being treated well and were not accountable to MAPAK. Since they have less than 15 cats, the couple does not need to have a breeding permit.

Asked about this topic, the communications director of the Quebec Veterinary Association is categorical: “You can’t call yourself a breeder if you let kittens with health problems or who are not ready for adoption.” Six weeks is too early. We now recommend three and a half months, “he said.

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