Sunday , April 2 2023

The Constitutional Court protests against the privatization of access to the law


Constitutional Court Judge Pierre Nihoul convicted on Tuesday "scandal"What makes his privatization approach to legal sources, disinvestment of public authorities threatening the equality of citizens before the law.

"I would like to determine what I would call a scandal regarding access to legal sources, in particular legislative and judicial institutions"said Mr. Nihoul, on the occasion of the presentation of the Senate to a new tool that brings together institutional regulations in force in the country.

"The daily updating of our legislation after the daily publication of the Monitor is no longer provided enough by the authorities"he secured the judge."It is quite certain that there are databases, at the federal level (…), and at the level of federal entities, but these data banks are no longer systemically updated (…), and the only source is then private data banks, in order for these publishers houses had a real de facto monopoly in this area. These publishers negotiate our subscriptions, so they go to the Constitutional Court, from 18,000 euros a year to 50,000 euros a year. And this is the same for the State Council and the judiciary"he explained.

Pierre Nihoul urged the lawmaker to review the law on May 4, 2016, which allows the re-use of commercial or non-commercial public sector information to reinvest authorities in their databases.

In this regard, the judge welcomed "Great reaction"A Senate that has opened a public site containing institutional regulations.

Free dissemination of legal information

For the outgoing President of the High Assembly, Christine Defraigne (RM), "the free spread of legal information contributes to the rule of law and makes the ideals of democracy effectiveThe left poem of the future first alderma MR Liegea, the senatorial initiative in his eyes represents the contribution of "Liberal-Social"to fight public disinvestment in this area.

Also, speaking at the reception that inaugurated the launch of the shingle, State Councilor Cohen Muille asked the legislator, suggesting that the powers of the legislative part of the institution should give an opinion on the audit proposals. Constitution.

If the declaration on the revision of the Constitution is a political act, the audit proposal is relative to the text that is likely to become the rule of law. In his opinion, it is advisable to give a measure of the constitutional regulation and the international framework that relates to this. In that sense, he argues, it is necessary to reform Article 2 of the harmonized laws on the State Council.

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