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The South African medical team is performing the first 3D bones in 3D


March 15, 2019

Cape Tovn, South Africa, March 15 (Infosplusgabon) – A team of Steve Biko University Hospital's experts in Pretoria, South Africa, performed the first bone bone transplantation done by 3D printing on the patient.

They have successfully replaced the middle ear bone on a 35-year-old patient, who is expected to regain her listening ability completely after her ear has been damaged as a result of a car accident. Replaced parts are made of titanium.

"By replacing only those mites that did not function properly, the procedure is less risky than the prosthesis," said leading surgeon Mashudu Tshifularo, adding that the procedure was "fast with minimal scars".

Tsifularo, who works at the University of Pretoria School of Medicine, spent the last decade in research to find the right prosthesis for this type of surgery.

We recall that South Africa made the cover page of the sixties, when surgeon Chris Barnard performed the first heart transplant in the history of medicine.

On December 3, 1967, Professor Barnard planted the heart of Denise Darvall, an accident victim, Louis Vashkansky, 54, who survived 18 days before the death of another illness. Professor Barnard has become a world star.


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