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Tomorrow will lead the most beautiful palaces

They are under stress, it's normal, it's just their fourth day, Smiling Chantal Vittmann, director of the restaurant "Le Bellevue", a gourmet restaurant of the Glion school, above Montreux, one of the best hotel schools in the world. Or, more precisely, the hotel management school. Or even "hospitality" for receiving a client in a wider sense. Glion, Institute of Higher Education, ranked fourth in the world's top in its sector and number 2 on the reputation of the employer, according to KS Vorld Universiti Ranking 2019.

"Our students are bankble, as they say in Hollivood."

Eric Mabilon, Master Program Coordinator.

Its prestigious reputation has long since crossed the borders of Switzerland. 1500 and some current students are from 99 different nationalities. A prestigious reputation that costs: about 150,000 euros for brides, 50,000 per year (housing and food included in situ) and 40 to 50,000 euros for masters.

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