Saturday , June 3 2023

your appliances have been recovered and sold, a partnership between CPAS and Colruit


Colruit stores and Collishop Webshop sell home appliances, small and large devices. Like all stores, they are required to return their used devices to their customers. It is customary that these end devices are sent to Recupel for recycling. But since March, another sector has emerged. Colruit Group and Le Plein Air, the CPAS de Mons dependent structure, have created a partnership to promote these devices. This Thursday, Andre Giglio, General Manager of Colruit, was in Jemappes to present this project with social and ecological dimensions, in the presence of Carla Di Antonio, Minister of Environmental Transition and CPAS President Marc Barvais. "We believe in a circular economy, but even more in the repair of facilities for their reuse"explains Colrut's chief.

The devices deposited at Plein Air, which is actually a social-professional center for integration, originate from the Colruit distribution center in Pommeroeul. "As part of this partnership, the" Plein Air "team consists of two trainers, six trainees and two employees," Christian Miot, director of the structure. "Our goal is to move to 16 trainees in 2019"

Once dressed, I can hope to find a job in the traditional industry.

From March, on 220 main appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, stoves …) deposited in Jemappes, 100 could be repaired, of which 87 were sold. As for small home appliances, 746 devices managed to re-enter the collection of sales at three social partner stores, that is, re-finding in Mons, Attic in Jemappes, and at the counter in Dour.

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