Friday , June 2 2023

Attorney exposes corruption at Paraguayan police summit – Diario de la Grande ABC


Argentine lawyer Laura Marcela Casuso, 54, shot dead on Monday at Pedro Juan Caballero, on the Paraguay border with Brazil, filmed audio recordings that incriminate the main paraguayan police authorities for corruption. According to the Paraguayan newspaper ABC Color, sounds were sent to a journalist in April to expose the corruption of the senior parliamentary National Police Paraguay and its association with organized crime.

One of those involved, Abel Canete, general director of the national police crime investigation, is already accused of corruption in an interview asked by Brazilian drug dealer Marcelo Fernando Pinheiro Veiga, Marcelo Piloto, in prison. Laura was a Brazilian lawyer.

At a news conference, the prisoner said he paid "very expensive" to protect him from Canete. The Director General denied the allegations but was investigated. The sound taken by Laura also begins with the members of the Senad National Paramilitaries' Parade of Paraguay. In one of her auditions she said she would be killed.

The recordings reinforce the hypothesis that was initiated during the investigation, that the execution of the lawyer of Argentina "burned the file". She also served in the defense of drug dealer Jarvis Chimenez Pavau and, in the sound, describes the complicity of police chiefs, politicians and officials of the Paraguayan state with organized crime.

According to the lawyer, the police summit challenged the property and property of Pavoa, who were in his custody after being extradited to Brazil.

On Wednesday, 14 state prosecutors Sandra Kuynonez appointed a group of agents from the capital to investigate the killing of lawyer Laura Casuso. The team went to Pedro Juan Caballero and took over the investigation. This measure has been taken because of the fear that the case will not be adequately examined in the city of Amambai due to the impact of drug trafficking in the region.

The border is restarted

On Tuesday night, 13, the second execution related to the war between factions at the border killed the 30-year-old Alba Luz Godoy Chavez. She was killed with five pistol 9 mm pistols in Captain Badu, neighboring Pedro Juan Caballer and the Brazilian city of Coronel Sapucaia (MS). The shooter surprised Albu in front of the house, fired shots and escaped on a motorcycle. She is suspected of ordering the death of a man who killed his wife Adiba Morela Dutra, who was also killed with a 9 mm pistol in December last year.

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