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Avelar reinforces the evolution of the game to play the Corinthians and dream Paulista Tricampeonato


Danilo Avelar has recovered a good phase and has good results

Danilo Avelar has recovered a good phase and has good performances with the Corinthians

Daniel Augusto Jr / Ag. Corinthians

Danilo Avelar returns his confidence in the season of Corinthians in 2014 and turns into an important player of the team, the absolute bearer of the position. With confidence, he says he still has plenty to develop, but he's already beginning to be sure of the possibility of another Sao Paulo title.

With the Avenar club that ends the negotiations for Guillermo Aran, Avellar has to be the main left-winger at least by the middle of the year when the Corinthians sign a deal. Still, he still wants to improve and become a key player for the team.

"I'm happy to help the Corinthians and have good performances. Of course, we need to develop and improve every game, and I charge a lot of it. We've been looking for better compaction and integration, many new people have come to add and make the team even stronger for the season, "said Gazeta Esportiva.

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Contestado in 2018, Avelar becomes one of the highlights of this season

Avelar arrived in Corinthians only in the middle of the 2018 season, and consequently did not participate in any of the titles of the bicomponent Sao Paolo. Despite this, he strives to secure a team classification in the next game, against the West, because who knows, go in search of the third consecutive title.

"In the next match we have to ask that this evolution be removed from the table and give more peace in the competition." Campeonato Paulista is the toughest situation in Brazil and we really want to win this title"he concluded."

The team is expected to start the team again against the West on Sunday. The match is held at Corinthians Arena, starting at 16:00, and Timao guarantees its classification if it wins. In case of withdrawal or loss, you can still go to the next round if Bragantino also loses points in your game.

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