Tuesday , May 30 2023

Between relief and storm, Botafogo seeks third consecutive victory against Chapecoense


The two consecutive victories over the Corinthians and Flamengo brought peace to Botafogo, which now have only 7% chance of being dropped, says mathematician Tristao Garcia. But do not let the fan make a mistake: today, at 17:00, against Chapecoense, Alvinegro has a direct confrontation.

If the victory virtually confirms Botafogo in the A-Series in 2019, defeat can bring the team back to the danger of Z-4. After killing Santos, in another, Chape, best placed among the last four, reached 37 points. Which means there is a chance for Ze Ricarda to complete the round one point above the jumping zone if it is defeated.

Unresolved, it does not matter to anyone. Equality, even, does not exist in the history of the conflict. There were seven games, with four Chape wins and three victories by Botafogo.

In order to avoid the headache, Botafogo will have to reach the third victory that followed, which was unheard of in the season. Consecutive triumphs, in general, were rare. It was the first time in the Brazilian Championship that Alvinegro scored six points in two rounds.

"We have to break the chances of democracy and solve these situations once and for all, there is no excitement in winning." We were happy to win the team that is in the title debate, but now we have a direct opponent, "he said. Marcinho in the right half in Chapeco.

Dudu Cearense and Moises titles

There were only six games this year, the last in June. But everything indicates that Dudu Cearense today will be the owner of Botafogo, against Chapecoense. Rodrigo Lindoso was suspended, a 35-year-old midfielder who trained for the start of the week.

Jean, who could play as the driver of the first team, continued with the throat pain and even traveled to Chapeco. The alternative would be Gustavo Bochecha, but the youngster should start the match on the bench.

Despite being a little used, Dudu Cearense is considered one of the actor's leaders. In January, the contract was renewed by the end of this year. Of his six matches, only one Brazilian, four Campeonato Carioka and one Brazil Cup against Aparecidense, who was the only newcomer.

Another problem for Ze Ricardo is on the left. Starting from the starting line, Gilson has problems with his body and will be replaced by Moses after about a month from the main team.

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