Tuesday , September 27 2022

Bolsonaro criticizes Enema and says evidence must gather useful knowledge – education


Elected President Jair Bolsonaro today criticized the National Review of Higher Education (Enem) and considered it a test on Sunday (4) as "harassment" and "worsening indoctrination". In an interview with television reporter Jose Luiz Dateni, Bolsonaro said that the ideological issue in the country is a difficult issue to be solved.

"So much worse than corruption is an ideological issue in Brazil, some of which are soon caught in our homeland and you have to fight it. Until Enem's evidence, it's a shame to see what Enem's evidence, which measures knowledge, for example, the first part which was held last week, that is, worsened indoctrination, "Bolsonaro said.

The president also said that Enem should collect "useful knowledge" for society instead of dealing with issues that could affect young people in the future. "The question of the evidence entering dialectics, in the secret language of homosexuals and transvestites, has nothing to do with measuring any knowledge. In addition, children will be interested in this topic in the future," he said.

Earlier, federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL) criticized Ekama. On his Twitter account, the son of the newly elected president shared a pejorative comment on one of the questions about the text on the "secret dialect" used by gays and transvestites. "Notice that it is not necessary to be education minister to know about transvestites or feminist vocabulary," wrote Eduardo Bolsonaro.

The question, however, did not charge pupils with knowledge of the homosexual and transvestite vocabulary, but also included the accompanying text on the subject and examined the technical characteristics for a language that is considered a dialect.

The Prophet also invited students to study what they will do for their lives. "Dear students, when interviewing you for a job or opening up a cautious venture: sexuality, feminism, transvestite language, machismo and the like will not be of little significance. So, study what life will do for you," wrote Eduardo Bolsonaro.

The deputy also shared a place called Enem "bizarre" and supports the approval of a project that wants to establish the so-called " School without a party.


The test, which was applied on Sunday (4), had issues of language, humanities and writing, which dealt with issues such as human rights, racism, military dictatorship and violence against women. The theme of the essay was "Manipulating user behavior through data control on the Internet". The content of the test had good repercussions between experts and teachers.

The second day of Enem's evidence will be held next week (11). In the second step, students will ask questions from natural sciences and mathematics.

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